5 Face masks set - design 19

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Double layer of fabric
Layer 1, Fabric of filter material with antimicrobial additive, which decreases the risk of infections and is suitable for contact with the skin.
Layer 2, Knitted fabric, waterproof that prevents moisture in the mask. It integrates ultra soft side clamping rubbers and nasal clamping element.
-Folded measure 20x10cm
-Unfolded measure: 20x20cm

Wash daily after use, by hand with cold water. medium temperature iron.

The use of a mask does not guarantee the detection of infections and should be combined with other personal protective measures, such as hand hygiene, maintaining distance from people with symptoms or suspected of contagion, avoiding face-to-face contact with hands, maintaining respiratory hygiene (cough), and wearing a mask when symptoms associated with the disease occur.

NOT suitable for use in surgical settings or where significant exposure to dangerous fluids, body fluids or other fluids can be expected. This product is for personal use and for health safety has no return. In the event that it has been defective, it will be replaced by a new one.

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