Face mask size M + mask pouch - design 15

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Face mask size M + mask pouch - design 15

M size was designed thinking of a female face, which tend to be smaller than men faces, but larger than kids faces.

Double layered fabric:
Layer 1:
Filter fabric, which has an antimicrobial additive that decreases the risk of infections, suitable for skin contact.
Layer 2: Waterproof knitted fabric that prevents humidity in the mask.

It can be adapted to the face by adjusting the cord length according to the user needs. Integrates adjustable metal nose strips, that help secure the fitting of the mask.

The set includes a waterproof fabric pouch that protects the mask from dirt and surface contamination.

Wash by hand daily after each use, with cold water.

The use of a face mask does not guarantee you won't get the virus, it must be combined with other personal protection habits for being safe, such as regular hand hygiene, physical distancing from others, avoid touching your face with your hands, always cover your face with your arm when you cough, and wearing a face mask when symptoms associated with the virus occur.

NOT suitable for surgical environment use, where significant exposure to dangerous fluids, body fluids or other fluids can be expected. This product is for personal use. We do not accept devolutions, due to biohazard. If the product has any defect it will be replaced by a new one.


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